Cem Textile possesses a modern dyeing unit for all sorts of fabrics. Fabric color quarantee is provided by our experts which include chemists, engineers, and the best and brightest employees each with a particular expertise in their field.

Under the supervision of qualified and experienced personnel, Cem Group achieves excellent result in printing and dyeing; furthermore, Cem Textile Group has its own arrangements to print, bleach, and dye the fabrics.

By providing our customers with the most up-to-date colors, designs, prints, and fabrics we are able to stay ahead of the competition.

In our Dyeing plants, 100% knitted fabric is processed for finishing steps such as: stanker, raising, sanfor, all done by the latest machinery to ensure top quality and improved production ability

The Cem Ready Wear Unit: T-Shirts, pyjamas, underwear are some of the most common produced items. We produce all these items in various colors and sizes to serve our growing demand.

T-Shirts, Polo & Sweat Shirts at any design & quantity requested. Basic T-Shirts are long sleeve, short sleeve, v-neck, sleeveless tightfit t-shirts etc...